What should I do if the number of participants does not meet the minimum requirement?

If the number of participants does not meet the minimum requirements, the lottery will be cancelled after the end of participation. Once cancelled, the player can withdraw the AD staked during participation.

If I win the prize, do I need to manually claim the prize?

Yes, you need to find the lucky draw you participated in and click "Withdraw BUSD&AD", then confirm your transaction in your wallet, and you will receive the reward after a while.

What is the frequency of LuckyDraw?

We will open lucky draws from time to time, and there may be multiple draws at the same time. When we start a new lucky draw, we will post information on social platforms, and you can also see the latest events on the LuckDraw page.

Can I withdraw during the lucky draw?

No, when you successfully participate in the lucky draw, you must wait for the end of the event. Successful draw or cancellation of the lottery due to insufficient numbers means the end of the event.

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