Staking allows members to earn more AD Token by staking AD Token or LP Token.

Staking mining will get very good rewards, and they have the risk of impermanence loss at the same time. It is not as scary as it sounds, but it is worthwhile to understand it properly before starting mining.


In Staking, you can stake AD or LP to get rewards.

Staking AD: You could pledge any amount of AD in the AD mining pool to get more AD as a reward;

Staking LP: You need to stake the corresponding LP mining pool with LP to get AD as a reward;

Before staking LP, what you have to know is that you should stake enough AD in the AD mining pool first to be eligible for staking LP;

Relatively, staking LP could get more rewards. You will need some "LP Tokens" to pledge LP mining pools. LP mining pools only accept their own LP Token. For example, AD-BUSD LP mining pools will only accept AD-BUSD LP Token. To obtain the accurate LP Token, you need to provide liquidity for the trading pair.

This may sound daunting, but it's not too complicated, let's take it step by step.

Look For Mining Pool

Before continuing, you need to choose a mining pool that suits you, visit the Staking page, and you will see a list of available mining pools.

AD mining pools and AD-BUSD are fixed at the top of the list, and are sorted by default. If you want, you can choose to only look at the pledged or sort by APR.

Get AD

To pledge an LP, you need to pledge enough AD first, so how to obtain AD? It can be exchanged on pancakeswap.

Stake AD

1、Enter the Staking page to find the AD mining pool, click it to expand and display more detailed information.

2、Find the Stake button, click on it, and a new window will show.

Enter the number of ADTokens you want to pledge in the input box, or just click Max to use all your ADTokens.

After entering the amount, if you have previously approved Staking to use your AD, the approval button will not light up. If you have not approved or revoked the approval, the approval button will light up. Click it to approve the Staking contract to use your ADToken. The wallet will ask you again to confirm your operation.

After you confirm the approval, wait a moment, the Stake button will light up, click on it to start staking.

After clicking Stake button, your wallet will ask you to confirm your action.

After you confirm in the wallet, wait a while, untill the transaction is successfully executed in the block, close the window, and you will see your newly pledged AD Token balance in the detailed information.

Stake LP

The method of staking LP is the same as that of staking AD. It should be noted that the rules we mentioned before are that you need to pledge enough AD in the AD mining pool before you can participate in staking LP in order to obtain higher rewards.

1、Find the LP mining pool you want to pledge, and click Stake.

2、At this time , if the amount of ADs you stake is insufficient, you will be prompted how many ADs you need to pledge before you can open LP stake.

3、If you have enough AD, you can start staking LP immediately. If you don't have an LP, you can click Get LP on the pop-up box to get it.

Remove Staking

You could take out some from the pledged, and you can easily complete this operation at any time.

1、Find the mining pool you have pledged, and click Remove staking to start the removal operation.

2、You will see a pop-up window to remove the stake, enter the amount you need to remove, or click Max to remove all, and then submit it.

3、The wallet will ask you to confirm your removal, then click Confirm

4、Wait for a while, the new balance will be displayed in the details section of your mining pool.

Harvest Your Rewards

As time goes by, Staking will bring you ADToken rewards. You can collect these rewards and use them, you can use them to play raffles or lotteries, or whatever you like.

1、In the mining pool details, you can see the rewards that have not been harvested, click Harvest to start harvesting it.

2、The wallet will ask you to confirm your collection operation. After you confirm, wait a while, and the rewarded AD will enter the "locked reward" of your account.

How often should I harvest rewards?

The frequency of your rewards depends on you, but remember that you need to pay a small amount of gas when harvesting.

After clicking Harvest to confirm, you can see the fee in your wallet.

This shows the gas fee that appears in the MetaMask wallet. Different wallets will display information in different ways. Considering to grow up your rewards for a period of time so that you can reduce payment costs.

But mainly remind you that the rewards in our mining pool will eventually be distributed, so harvest regularly to ensure that your rewards will not be suspended. Once you have harvested the reward and entered the locked state, it already belongs to you. You only need to unlock the reward to withdraw it to the wallet.

Unlock Rewards

The AD rewards and recommendation rewards obtained by staking mining will be entered into the locked rewards of the account when they are obtained. They need to be deposited in the corresponding AD, and then wait for the unlocking time to complete, then they can be withdrawn to your wallet for your free use.

1、At the top of the page, click your wallet address or balance to enter the reward information page, where you can see the rewards you have accumulated, as well as the rewards that are locked, unlocking, and unlocked and can be withdrawn.

2、Click Unlock AD to start unlocking your rewards, enter the number to be unlocked, or click Unlock All button to unlock all rewards.

3、Choose an unlock time, the optional range is 1-5 days, the number of ADs that need to be deposited will be displayed after the selected time. The shorter the selection time, the greater the number of ADs that need to be deposited. What you need to be clear is that when the unlocking time is over, you can withdraw the deposited AD and unlocked AD. (For example, if you need to unlock 100AD, and choose 1 day, you need to deposit 500AD, when 1 day is over, you can withdraw 600AD to your wallet)

4、After the selection is complete, click Stake AD Unlock to start unlocking. You need to confirm your operation in the wallet.

5、After a while, you will see this information in the Unlock list, as well as the unlock time and status.

6、After the unlock waiting time is over, you will see the AD that can be withdrawn in Available (including the reward AD from unlocking and the AD deposited for unlocking).

7、Click “Withdraw AD to Wallet” button to withdraw the unlocked reward to the wallet, enter the amount and initiate a transaction, and then confirm the transaction in your wallet. After a while, the AD reward will be sent to your wallet for your use!

The above is the tutorial on how to unlock the rewards and how to withdraw to the wallet.

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