Refer Friends

You could set your referrer. Once you successfully set up the referrer, when you are harvesting rewards, the referee will receive n% of the rewards as a recommendation reward. Don't worry about this part of the reward will not be deducted from the reward you harvest, but the mining pool will reward the referrer separately.

How To Set Up A Referrer

On the My Rewards page, click My referrals and fill in the referral's wallet address, click Submit, and then confirm your operation in the wallet. It should be noted that please check your input address carefully, once it takes effect, it cannot be modified!

People I Referred

On my reward page, click People I Referred to view the people I recommend. If multiple friends fill in your address as a referrer, you can see the entire list here, and when they are harvesting rewards, you could get generous referral rewards.

Referral Rewards

When your referred friends harvests rewards, you will get an additional n% of his harvest rewards, and the referral rewards will automatically enter the locked rewards. For the locked rewards, please refer to "Unlock Rewards".

The number of referral rewards can be seen in Total Reward, just move the mouse to the arrow to see, as shown below.

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